‘If film is not well-made, even Modi’s biography won’t work’

IMAGE: Shah Rukh Khan in Pathaan.

Film-maker Prakash Jha feels the fate of films is determined by their content, not the boycott trend, for the project to be a success or a failure.

The Aamir Khan starrer Laal Singh Chaddha and Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan faced boycott calls.

While Laal Singh Chaddha failed to work at the box office, Pathaan became a blockbuster.

IMAGE: Vivek Oberoi in the biographical film PM Narendra Modi.

“There is only 5 per cent of the population who trolls, and what is the need to be afraid of those who are on social media?” asks Jha. “People say to boycott this or that film or boycott Shah Rukh Khan’s film, but did it happen?”

“If a film is not made well, then even Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biography won’t work,” says Jha.

“I feel that Vivek Oberoi’s film was very well made and informative, but you can see what happened. Modi praised that movie, but it still did not work,” Jha points out.

IMAGE: Vikrant Massey in 12th Fail.

While speaking of content-driven films, Prakash Jha hails 12th Fail, which found a home in the hearts of audiences.

Vikrant Massey’s role is especially connected with those who once aspired or continue to work hard to be an IPS officer.

Backed by a strong storyline, it turned out to be a blockbuster and earned plaudits from fans as well as renowned faces in Bollywood.

“Nobody expected it, but 12th Fail turned out to be remarkable,” says Jha. “It’s the content; it’s the story that will connect with people. The trolling on social media doesn’t matter.”