Meet Raai Laxmi’s Unique Friend

Tara turns singer in New York… Gul goes cycling… Krystle celebrates birthday…

Photograph: Kind courtesy Raai Laxmi/Instagram

Raai Laxmi finds a unique friend in Dubai.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Raai Laxmi/Instagram

She writes, ‘Sun, Sand, Sunset & Vintage Cars = PicturePerfect vibe.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Tara Sutaria/Instagram

‘Oh, New York! There’s something about Broadway ballads and an old school tune,’ Tara Sutaria tells us.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Gul Panag/Instagram

Gul Panag finds a memory in the Mulshi Dam.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Krystle D’Souza/Instagram

Krystle D’Souza, who turned 34 on March 1, posts a moment from her birthday celebrations in Kashmir.

‘Happy happies to me !!! Can we freeze the day.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Krystle D’Souza/Instagram

Krystle shows us how she spent the day.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Ameesha Patel/Instagram

Ameesha Patel goes shopping in London.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sayani Gupta/Instagram

Sayani Gupta shares a picture with her FTII batchmates Paramita Ghosh and Sreya Chatterjee and writes, ‘We went back. #ftii. Couldn’t have done it without my +2. We can attribute our foundation, fervour & fortified family to the single most unifying, character building space we shared jointly.’

‘Our alma mater @ftiiofficial We are what we are because of the institute. It pained to see what has been done to the space but also felt hopeful to see the students. They are smart, able & full of gumption! Love live FTII!’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Delnaaz Irani/Instagram

Delnaaz Irani visits the Golden Temple with partner Percy Karkaria and writes, ‘Standing here at the majestic Golden Temple, amongst the gentle hum of prayers and the vibrant spirit of community, I can’t help but be filled with a profound sense of gratitude.

‘I’m grateful for the gift of health, of course, the ability to walk these sacred grounds and experience this moment with loved ones. It encompasses the sunshine on our faces, the laughter shared with friends, the simple act of breathing, and the countless blessings, big and small, that color our days.

‘This visit reminds me to slow down, appreciate the present moment, and cherish life’s richness, even amidst challenges. True happiness lies in cherishing what we have.

‘Let’s take a deep breath, embrace gratitude, and move forward with renewed appreciation. What are you grateful for today? Share below and let’s spread thankfulness together.’