Article 370 Is A Superhit!

The Yami Gautam starrer Article 370 is a superhit!

The film had a very good first week at the box office with Rs 38.82 crore (Rs 388.2 million) coming in, qualifying it as a hit straight away.

What needed to be seen was how well it sustained in its second weekend.

As things stand today, the film is comfortably poised to make a dash towards the Rs 70-75 crore (Rs 700 million to Rs 750 million) lifetime, which gives it a superhit tag.

Interestingly, it managed to make more on its second Friday (Rs 3.12 crore/Rs 31.2 million) than it did the day before (Rs 3.07 crore/Rs 30.7 million). That set the ball rolling for the weekend, where it collected around Rs 14 crore (Rs 140 million), pushing the total collections to Rs 53 crore (Rs 530 million).

Quite a few films released last Friday, including Bollywood, Hollywood and regional movies, but Article 370 stood the tallest.


Meanwhile, Laapataa Ladies saw a low weekend of about Rs 3.75 crore (Rs 37.5 million) at the box office.

The start was ordinary at Rs 1.02 crore (Rs 10.2 million) and even though footfalls did go up on Saturday and Sunday, they were not exponential as in the case of 12th Fail.

The Vikrant Massey-starrer had started on the same lines, at Rs 1.10 crore (Rs 11 million), but it jumped higher over the weekend, resulting in Rs 6.70 crore (Rs 67 million) been accumulated. By the close of week, the collections almost doubled to Rs 13 crore (Rs 130 million).

Given the kind of limited jump that Laapataa Ladies has seen so far, it would need something special to hang in there and bring in some sort of numbers.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources.