‘This is a story that should be told’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Barun Sobti/Instagram

Barun Sobti has just completed 15 years of acting, and his new Web series, Rakshak India’s Brave, has fetched him fresh laurels.

“I am grateful for each and every moment of it, the highs and lows, the struggles and the hard work,” Barun tells Subhash K Jha.

“I look forward to the next 15 years. I chose Rakshak for the story, the conviction of the creators, and I genuinely believed that this is a story that should be told.”

IMAGE: Barun Sobti and Vishwas Kini in Rakshak India’s Brave.

The actor feels the digital platform has opened new vistas.

“There is an immense amount of diversity in the type of stories, creators and actors that OTTs have enabled.”

Playing a real-life soldier in Rakshak was a novel experience for Barun: “It was interesting as well as challenging, as I was portraying a real person. I had to read about Subedar Sombir Singhji‘s life, understand the kind of man he was. It was very important for me to understand such a man, who would happily lay down his life for the nation, to be able to do justice to my character.”

The role was not just emotionally challenging to Barun.

“Physically as well, it was a challenge as we were shooting under extreme temperatures. Also, a lot of training was required to fit into the role of a soldier.”

Photograph: Kind courtesy Barun Sobti/Instagram

Barun would love to be a part of Hindi films if the right role comes along.

“There are numerous talented people in the industry, who are doing some great work. I admire a lot of them. Obviously, we all have a certain type of content that we resonate with and when I find such projects, I try my best to associate with them, irrespective of the form.”

He is kicked about his forthcoming projects.

“I am currently shooting for a lighthearted show called Raat Jawan Hai. It is a well-written show about three childhood friends. A couple of interesting conversations over projects are also happening,” he says.