Why ‘Today’ Is All About Kajol

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kajol/Instagram

A day before Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s daughter Nysa turns 21 on April 20, her proud mum pours out her feelings on social media.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kajol/Instagram

Sharing a throwback picture, Kajol writes, ‘Tomorrow is Nysas 21st birthday, but today is about me and how I became a mom.

‘How she made my greatest wish come true and how she makes me happy every single day since then just by being herself.

‘How she makes me grateful and awed by her love and her unflinching support. I can be wrong but I can never be in the wrong.

‘How she makes me laugh and laugh and how I love to stand on my soapbox and boast about what all my baby does and says.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kajol/Instagram

‘How I felt for the first time and every time since when she calls me “mama”. Its like a call to arms for a very loved cause.

‘How I wish sometimes I could wrap her up and store her back in my stomach for a day just to feel my heart back in the body it started out from.

‘Love is such an ordinary term to describe what you feel for your children. It’s so much much more. So yes today is about me. Taking a bow now.’