How Aamir Got His Mr Perfectionist Tag

IMAGE: Aamir Khan in The Great Indian Kapil Show.

Have you ever wondered how Aamir Khan got his Mr Perfectionist tag?

The actor will feature in the upcoming episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show, streaming on Netflix, and share anecdotes from his life.

During the conversation, he revealed that it was Shabana Azmi who gave him Mr Perfectionist tag.

It dates back to the time when Aamir was shooting for Dil (1990), which was directed by Indra Kumar and the cameraman was Shabana’s brother, Baba Azmi.

They were in a deep discussion about films at Baba Azmi’s house when Shabana Azmi offered Aamir tea and asked how much sugar would he take in his tea.

Aamir turned to her and asked, ‘How big is the glass?’

When she showed him the cup, Aamir, still engrossed in the conversation and trying his best to answer her accurately, said, ‘Chamcha kitna bada hai?

Finally, he requested for one spoon of sugar in his tea.

He spoke about how Shabana Azmi went around telling people about this incident, saying, if you ever ask Aamir for sugar in his tea, he will first ask you the cup size.

And that’s how he got the Mr Perfectionist tag!