Sonakshi’s Stunning Look Test For Heeramandi

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

Just in case anybody’s forgotten how gorgeous Sonakshi Sinha can look, the actor sends in a timely reminder.

Playing Fareedan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s opulent Web series Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, Sonakshi totally rocks, and looks like she’s enjoying it.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

But wait, Sonakshi has a double role in the Web series. Besides Fareedan, she is also briefly seen as Fareedan’s mother Rehana.

Sona posts pictures of her look test for Rehana’s character, who was the former chief courtesan of the Shahi Mahal and Mallikajaan‘s (played by Manisha Koirala) older sister.

‘Rehana aapa. AAPA NAHI… HUZOOR!!! Here are some photos from my look test for the cruelest of them all… Rehana,’ Sonakshi writes.

‘Since I was supposed to be playing my own mother, we wanted to make her slightly different… so I put on some weight and we added a lot more drama with the hair where it was longer and curlier than Fareedan’s and with the makeup where we kept it heavy on the eyes, elongated the eyebrows and added freckles… green lenses too! Full props to my amazing glam team @heemaadattaani and @themadhurinakhale.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

Sonakshi’s character has received appreciation from audience as well as folks from the industry.

Her Rowdy Rathore co-star Akshay Kumar writes, ‘Watching #Heeramandi, such a grand spectacle! Great going @aslisona @bhansaliproductions.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

It took Sanjay Leela Bhansali 18 years to make Heeramandi.

“I wanted to make it 18 years ago. Then I thought there was another film to be made, then another film to be made. But this was always on my list of wanting to have to make it one day. After every film, Heeramandi would come out, and I would say once again, wait, it’s too vast. It’s too epic — too much of an epic to be made into two or two-and-a-half hours,” Bhansali says.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

“It’s difficult to make a series, but we’ve made it, and I have enjoyed it. I’m glad and thankful to God that we made it. 14 years of planning, 18 years of living with it, and two years of designing, so it’s a lot of work that has gone into it,” he adds.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

Bhansali had also produced 2012’s Rowdy Rathore and the two have been trying to collaborate for a long time.

“He has been very encouraging… We tried to work together but it didn’t work out, and we were always in touch. Every time I went to his office, we would chat over coffee,” Sonakshi says.

“I was like sir, ‘Every time I come to your office, we have coffee and then I leave. I’m not having coffee with you, I will have tea.’ I had tea (and) we had the same sort of conversation and I went home. And then, I am in Heeramandi. So, tea is the answer guys, not coffee.”

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

“Sanjay sir and I have been trying to collaborate for many years and I’m glad it happened with Heeramandi. The way he portrays his women on screen, nobody is able to do that. He has got a very different vision for it in spite of it being all magnum opus… He takes good care of how his female characters are portrayed on screen, and that’s something I appreciate about him,” she says.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

“In Heeramandi, we have six different women with six different stories to tell, and each one has been important. So to be part of something like this is tremendous. The fact that we are going global with Netflix, being able to reach out to so many people, this is something that everybody should be able to watch. I’m so glad to be a part of it.

“I walked away as a more patient and resilient actor. That’s a good thing, and good things take time and greater things take more time. To be a part of something like this does require a lot of patience.”

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

The actor, who has appeared in entertainers like Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, and R Rajkumar, said she has no qualms about doing commercial films at the onset of her career.

“I’ve been working for 14 years and have done all sorts of roles. I started off with commercial masala films where it was always about the hero, which I’m not complaining about, as it gave me an audience and wide reach. It gave me the confidence to shoulder films on my own.’

‘That’s when I started playing strong women characters, which were different from the others, like Akira or Noor or Khandani Shafakhana or Dahaad. I consciously chose roles I’ve not played before. That pushed and challenged me as an actor.”

With inputs from PTI and ANI